Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Terry's Christmas Present to His Wife

Christmas morning I woke up to a new Rugar SR22 handgun.  I love it!  The following day we went target shooting at the Arizona Strip and had a blast.  Get it!?!?  Blast . . .

Andy and Jamie's Gift to Noah

 Noah turns 16 on January 18, 2017 and will soon after have earned his driver's license.  In the meantime, Grandpa has been going with Noah driving since August 12th, a week and a half before Noah's dad passed away.  Since that time he has logged in 1,443 minutes and 850 miles.  On Christmas day Andy and Jamie gave Noah their 2002 Honda Accord as their Christmas gift to him. We decided to decorate it just a bit by putting on a large Christmas tag and bows all over the front window so when he first saw the car he would know it was from his uncle. Matt left this world knowing his children would have their wants and needs taken care of by family who dearly love him!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kim's Christmas Party and Tyler's Sister's Missionary Fairwell

 Kim's hospital Christmas party was titled James Bond 007.  I think they fit the part nicely.

Cooper and Jager's aunt is going to Kansas on a Spanish speaking mission and is leaving right after Christmas.  We all went to her farewell.  I wish I could have got a picture of Tyler, but he was with his family at the time.

St. George Temple Festival of Lights

We wish we could have got a better quality of pictures of our family in front of the temple, but it was so bright our cameras couldn't focus.  Anyway, we had fun trying.

 There is Damon petting the cow in the manager. 

My favorite is to go to the temple and hear the story of our Savior, Jesus Christ's birth at Christmas time.  We thought Damon was more interested in the animals until we were leaving. He blurted out in a louder than usual voice, "Good bye baby Jesus" with so much enthusiasm and love for baby Jesus that we all couldn't help but laugh.
Reese was really enjoying this missionary training station inside the Visitor's Center.  She was pretending to teach a lesson and was doing a really cute job of it using the scriptures they provided.
A group of folks were serving hot chocolate for the kids so we took a moment to sip up the goodness.

Cooper was in one of those crazy moods where he just couldn't settle down  He probably was on a sugar high, and every time we took a picture he was doing something silly.  These are the pictures that will be remembered most.
Here he is in front of the sign, that he accidentally knocked down earlier, after we watched the movie. He really liked it and after told the sister missionary that his dad's sister was leaving on a mission the day after Christmas to first go to Mexico City to learn Spanish and then off to Kansas to teach just like her.
These are the stars they were passing out after the movie.
 Another famous pose of our little man!
There is Cooper and Papa watching the story being told of baby Jesus's birth.   

Opening Christmas Presents

Nora and Abby picked out some reindeer pj's to open Christmas Eve.  I'm sure they felt all warm and cozy wearing them that evening and Christmas morning.
Sammy, Reese and Damon got to open a few of their presents before they went home a few days before Christmas.  You've got to love Reese's Peanut's Smurf hat and Sammy's fake Christmas nails.

Damon opened up a remote race car and some Disneyland money and stamped coins.  He was just so excited and said something like this is the best Christmas ever.  We all laughed because that would be something you would say if you were older, not just three years old.  The girls got some cute clothes which they had to put on immediately and also some Disneyland money and stamped coins.
Merry Christmas Kelvington Family!

Dickens Festival with Cooper and Jager

Cooper was excited to tell Santa he wanted a football for Christmas this year.  They were having quite the conversation.  Makes me wonder what he really said to Santa!
The boys were so cute getting their picture taken even though Jager had a terrible cold and didn't feel well.  He's such a good boy even when he's sick.  Santa should be bringing him lots of toys this year because he earned it.

Merry Christmas Cooper, Jager and mommy! 

Abby, Nora, Cooper, Jager, Sammy, Reese and Damon Decorating for Christmas

 Nora and Abby did most of the Christmas decorating at Grandma and Grandpa's home this year.  Nora put the train set together and Abby decorated the table. They both decorated their half of the Christmas tree.

Cooper made a gingerbread train set for his decorations at home. He was really particular in how and what he wanted to put on each car.
Sammy, Reese and Damon decorated themselves as cookies at the Children's Museum.
 Jager had a blast un-decorating for Christmas!